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Now, more than ever, is the time to celebrate HEALTH! We possess tremendous power around creating wellness and preventing disease with ease. Food plays a big part, but so does over all self-care. The Food as Medicine Summit & Expo is jam packed with lectures, interviews, cook-a-longs, with bonus videos on self-care such as breath work & fitness.  

We have created a virtual party for you to enjoy right in your living room, backyard or even on the beach! With over 40 experts you won’t get bored! Get ready to cook alongside some of the greatest plant-based chefs, up-level from world famous Dr’s on reversing and preventing disease and relax with some restorative yoga and breath work that everyone can enjoy. You don't want to miss the FUN!

Meet the Experts
Dr. Neal Barnard, MD: 
Victoria Moran: 
Dr. Brooke Goldner, MD: 
Thomas Tadlock, MS: 
Dr. Caldwell Esselstyn, MD.
Dr. Linda Carney, MD
The Plant Chics: 
Dr. Kristi Funk, MD.: 
Dr. Renata Joffe, MD: 
Dr. Michael Greger, MD: 
Dr. Milton Mills, MD: 
Dr. Nancy Eriksen, MD.:  
Steve Smith: 
Dr. Jimmy Conway, MD: 
Dr. Niraj Mehta, DO: 
Dr. Rizwan Bukhari, MD.: 
Richa Mittal, MD: 
Brenda Davis, RD: 
Drs. Munish & Bandana Chawla: 
VegWorld Magazine
Courtney Garza: 


Module 1

Module 2

Module 3

Module 4

Module 5

Module 6

Module 7

Module 8


Module 1

  • Dr. Greger: How Not to Die & Interview with Dr. Greger
  • Brenda Davis: Unleashing the Power of Plant-based Diets
  • Dr. Caldwell Esselstyn: The Nutritional Reversal of Cardiovascular Disease: Fact or Fiction?
  • ​Dr. Munish Chawla & Dr. Bandana Chawla: Lifestyle Medicine: Prescription for Better Health
  • The Plant Chics: Commit to be fit!
  • Marci Lock: Mindset Matters
  • Ann & Jane Esselstyn: Plant-based Guidelines to Prevent and Reverse Heart Disease and How to Forge a Delicious Path Forward 
  • Dr. Greger & Dr. Esselstyn: Interview (pre-recorded Q&A) 
  • Brooke Ali & Dr. T: Quick Re-Cap of the day with a special guest
  • Bonus Gifts: Special gifts from many of our guests! 
  • Go Shopping: Assortment of plant based resources from yummy vegan food, meal plans, books, and more. 

Module 2

  • Dr. Kristi Funk: Reducing the Risk of Breast Cancer: It's Up to YOU!
  • Dr. Neal Barnard: The New Nutritional Approach to Type 2 Diabetes
  • Dr. Linda Carney: Cancer & Food: Risks Reviewed
  • Ellen Jaffe Jones: Feeling Fit (and Great Sex) at Any Age on a Vegan Diet
  • Kim Campbell: PlantPure Kitchen's Easy Breakfast Potato Casserole
  • Brooke Ali & Dr. T: Quick Re-Cap of the day with a special guest
  • Bonus Gifts: Special gifts from many of our guests!
  • Go Shopping: Assortment of plant based resources from yummy vegan food, meal plans, books, and more. 

Let's Get YOUR Chef On!

Cook along with featured chefs for all 8 modules!  You will prepare easy, healthy and delicious recipes and uncover the secrets for success along the way.  
At least two cooking demos with each module!

Meet Your Chefs
Katherine Lawrence: 
Miyoko Schinner:  
Kim Campbell: 
Annette Baker & Marianne Lacko: 
Del Sroufe: 
Leslie Harrison: 
Dianne Doyle: 
Anita Amit:
Karoline Mueller: 
Brooke Ali: 
Dr. T: 
Robin Everson: 
Ann & Jane Esselstyn: 
Marla Ablon: 
Laura Sainz: 


Self Care is a Powerful Ingredient to Good Health

  • Meditation: Helps with clarity, focus and retrains thoughts to achieve your own goals. 
  • Yoga: Restorative to relieve stress, increase flexibility and rejuvenate your day.
  • ​Breath Work: Helps to get focused, calm anxiety and helps with depression
  • ​Mid Day Movement Hacks: Movement to incorporate through out your day.
Bonus Videos
 Ellen Jaffe Jones: 
Josh LaJaunie: 
Laura Christine Sainz: 
Brittney Carmichael: 
The Plant Chics: 
Marci Lock: 
Matt Silvio: 
  Brianna Silvio: 


  • What is the VIRTUAL Food as Medicine Summit & EXPO? The VIRTUAL Food as Medicine Summit & EXPO IS an event unlike any NO other. Featuring over 40 experts in the fields of plant-based nutrition, health and disease, plant-based cooking, fitness, meditation, yoga, mindfulness, personal triumphs and environmental sustainability. Plus, as an added feature, the VIRTUAL Food as Medicine Summit & EXPO includes a VIRTUAL EXPO where attendees can visit Plant-Based Exhibitor sites, view promotional videos, and explore and purchase products, resources and services.
  • ​What is the line-up for Presenters? The schedule is up on the website and can be accessed using this link: Schedule | Food As Medicine
  • Is there a fee for registration? ​There is a VIP package for $82 that provides: One-year access pass to all lectures, interviews, cook-a-longs, get fit deals, meditation and a 21 Day Kickstart. 
  • ​Can I get a refund for the Summit? Yes, if you are not satisfied with the Summit and all of the wonderful nuggets of information it provided, and it is within 30 days of your purchase, we will issue you a full refund. Email us at:
  • ​What is the Food as Private Facebook Page? This is a plant-based support group that will provide a community-like atmosphere for all VIP members following the Summit. Featured will be recipe-sharing, guest speakers and discounts to upcoming workshops, classes and events.
  • ​Are the presentations LIVE? We have a couple of pre-recorded LIVE Q&A sessions & lectures. PLEASE NOTE: Many of the presentations will be first-time releases prepared specifically for this event.
  • ​What times are the presentations scheduled to be shown? That is the beauty of having pre-recorded presentations – you can watch them any time, and multiple times.
  • ​How will I have access to the presentations? You will receive access to a membership portal to access all modules. 
  • ​How do I get in touch with VIRTUAL FOOD AS MEDICINE SUMMIT & EXPO folks? Email us at:

Ready to Reserve Your Seat?

EIGHT Action Packed Modules with Loads of Great Resources on All Things Plant Based

Food As Medicine Summit eCookBook

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  • Color Photo's: Feast your eyes on the mouth watering dishes you will be preparing!
  • ​Recipes: Holidays, Quick Fixes and more!
  • ​Meal Plans: 5 Days of meals just for you or a family!

VIP Package

Access for only $99.99
($3,360 value)

  • Access to the modules until August 22, 2021
  • ​​Lectures and Interviews: on life changing topics from the top experts.
  • ​​Cook-A-Longs with multiple famous plant based Chefs each module!
  • BONUS VIDEOS: Fitness, Meditation or Breath: explore with an expert!
  • That's a Wrap: Summary of each module and preview of the upcoming module.
  • ​Bonus Gifts: Shared from our Guests!
  • Shopping: All the resources you need in one click.
  • 21 Day Kickstart: Recipes and meal plans to implement a plant based diet.
  • ​Private Facebook Community Membership
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